Hamster Kombat Listing is Coming

As the crypto gaming scene continues to grow, a new player has emerged as a breakout star: Hamster Kombat. Launched on March 25, 2024, on The Open Network (TON), this play-to-earn clicker game has taken the crypto community by storm.

The Rise of Hamster Kombat

Within just 11 days of its launch, Hamster Kombat amassed 1 million players, and the numbers have only skyrocketed since. As of June 14th, the game boasts an impressive 148 million users, with more than 40 million daily active players. That’s over 1% of the entire world’s population playing this game! Hamster Kombat is also officially the largest ever Telegram group with 31 million followers.

Unique Features

Hamster Kombat isn’t just another clicker game; it brings a unique flair to the play-to-earn genre. Hosted on Telegram, it offers an easy and accessible platform for users. The game revolves around tapping mechanics where players perform tasks to earn rewards and upgrade their hamsters. One key difference between Hamster Kombat and Notcoin is that Hamster Kombat has confirmed that the airdrop will be based on how many coins your hamster is earning per hour, and not on the total coins.

Gameplay Mechanics

In the zany world of Hamster Kombat, racking up points is more fun than watching a hamster on a wheel. Players can snag thousands of coins a day just by tapping away. But that’s not all. You can assign different cards to your hamster to unlock more coins per hour. Be strategic about it and you can give your hamster a huge boost.

Partner Channels and Rewards

Hamster Kombat has cleverly stitched together a network of partner channels that crank up the fun and rewards. By hopping into these channels, players not only score more points but also unlock exclusive goodies. Take the referral program, for example — it’s a goldmine. Players earn 5,000 coins for each friend who joins from their referral link and a jaw-dropping 25,000 coins if the friend opts for Telegram Premium.

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Strategies for Success

While the main gameplay mechanic is tapping on your hamster, you’re not going to get very far if that’s all you do. Head on down to where it says “Mine” at the bottom and start making your coins work for you. Passive income is the quickest way to success on Hamster Kombat. Daily tasks and special events are your bread and butter here. Knock these out, and you’ll rack up points, tokens, and sometimes even surprise goodies.

Future of Hamster Kombat

There’s a full roadmap on Hamster Kombat’s website, detailing plans for the token generation event, in-game token utility, and other things like time-limited events. The game has teamed up with exchanges like BingX, hinting that their token might soon be listed there. If this happens, it could make it easier for players to trade their tokens, adding more excitement for both newbies and crypto veterans.

Airdrop Date and Token Launch

The team has announced that there will be an airdrop in the near future and it will be based on profit-per-hour in the game. That means your total coins will be worthless. Use them to boost your profit-per-hour as much as possible. The TGE (token generation event) is scheduled for July 2024, but no specific date has been given.

When Will Hamster Kombat Be Listed?

As of yet, they have been silent about specific exchanges and specific dates. However, it would stand to reason that the biggest crypto game in history would be able to land itself on several exchanges at launch. Keep your eyes peeled in July for updates on this front.

In conclusion, Hamster Kombat is a brand new game that is rapidly growing its user base because of its addictive gameplay and potential to earn real cryptocurrency. With its unique features, engaging mechanics, and rewarding system, Hamster Kombat is a standout in the crowded field of crypto games.

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