Vertus Wallet Airdrop Telegram

👋🏻Welcome to Vertus App — the next generation decentralized application on Telegram. Create an account and start mining free $VERT.

What is VERT?

Vertus is a revolutionary web3 dApp built on the TON blockchain, accessible directly through Telegram. This integration ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing for a smooth entry into the world of cryptocurrency. With Vertus, every Telegram user gets to enjoy a fully on-chain experience seamlessly.

At the core of this innovative platform is $VERT, a new cryptocurrency designed for easy mining and wide accessibility. It’s created to simplify your entry into the cryptocurrency market, offering a straightforward path to engaging with digital currency through Telegram.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Vertus Wallet — Click Here
  2. Create a Vertus Wallet account instantly.
  3. Make sure you login on it daily, to get daily rewards and increase your percentage of your maximum claim.
  4. Get a bonus up to 100% if you login for 12 days in a row.
  5. Get a huge reward if you invite your friends, get 16% cashback when your friends claim $VERT.
  6. Make sure you upgrade Power Plant, Safe Deposit, and Megapolis to earn even more and faster.

Visit our Telegram Channel for more airdrops: Click Here

Don’t miss out on this massive airdrop opportunity! Sign up for the Vertus Wallet today and start mining your free $VERT.

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