Bull Run Potential Airdrop

As an airdrop enthusiast, I’m excited to share with you the latest opportunity from Bull Run App, a next-generation app on Telegram. The Bull Run Airdrop is now live, and it’s an excellent chance to earn free tokens by mining and inviting friends.

What is Bull Run Airdrop?

Bull is the centerpiece of the Telegram app, which is set to launch its mining feature. To start mining, simply create a Bull Run account and begin claiming your coins.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Bull Run Airdrop – Click Here
  2. Create a Bull Run account instantly.
  3. The most effective way to mine BULL is by inviting friends. We’ve set up a two-level referral system.
  4. You’ll receive an extra 20% after each claim made by your direct referral and 5% after each of their friends.
  5. For each BULL claim, you’ll need to pay an app fee of -20%. Coins spent on the commission are burned forever.
  6. If you want to mine without commission and receive 100% BULL coins, you’ll need to complete missions.

Important Notes:

  • Please remember that we are airdrop hunters and only participate in free airdrops. Airdrop tokens are free, and if any game/website/airdrop asks you to spend money for boosters or advantages, make your own research to avoid losing your money.
  • Visit our Telegram Channel for more airdrops: Click Here

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn free tokens and be part of the Bull Run App’s mining launch. Claim your coins now and start growing your balance!

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