As of today, June 26, 2024, the Telegram-based game GemZ has reached an impressive milestone of 6 million users, which it calls “founders”. This rapid growth suggests a significant interest in gamified crypto earning, potentially signaling a shift in how users engage with cryptocurrency.

So, what is GemZ? GemZ is a new Telegram-based game that utilizes tap-to-earn mechanics, similar to Notcoin. Unlike other Telegram-based games, GemZ has an in-game bot that allows players to mine coins even when they’re away (AFK).

The game features a tier system, where the amount of coins mined per tap depends on the player’s tier:

  • Bronze: 1 coin per tap, up to 19,999 coins
  • Silver: 2 coins per tap, up to 199,999 coins
  • Gold: 4 coins per tap, up to 1,999,999 coins
  • Platinum: 8 coins per tap, up to 9,999,999 coins
  • Diamond: 16 coins per tap, above 10,000,000 coins

The game has already attracted 350,000 players in its first three days of launch.

To get started, players can visit and click “Start”. From there, they can mine coins, claim daily rewards, refer friends, buy boosters, and obtain in-game items.

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It’s worth noting that while there is no confirmation of a potential token launch, the game developers have expressed that the coins mined by players will be converted into “GemZ Points” and used in future campaigns. The developers have hinted that “GemZ Points” will have a significant role to play, but the details are yet to be revealed.

Overall, GemZ’s rapid growth and unique gameplay mechanics suggest a promising future for this Telegram-based game.

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