PixelTap Airdrop : A Step-by-Step Guide to Play-to-Earn and Airdrop Rewards

What is PixelTap?

PixelTap is the flagship game of Pixelverse, a revolutionary cyberpunk-themed game ecosystem that combines AI and blockchain technology to create a social gaming experience with a low barrier to entry. In this immersive game, players take on the role of robots, exploring the Pixelverse, completing quests, and engaging in cyberpunk battles to earn rewards.

PixelTap Airdrop

The Numbers Speak

Since its launch less than a month ago, PixelTap has already attracted an impressive 15 million players, with 4.5 million daily active users.

How to Play PixelTap and Earn Rewards

Follow these simple steps to start playing and earning:

  1. Get Started: click the “Start” button.
  2. Launch the Bot: Click the “Launch bot” button to begin your journey.
  3. Mine for Coins: In the “Earn” tab, tap the golden coin to mine and earn points.
  4. Invite Friends: In the “Invite” tab, secure an invitation link and refer new users to earn more coins. You’ll receive an additional 2,000 points per successful referral, plus 5% of the total points of the referred player and 1% of their referred players’ points.
  5. Fight and Win: In the “Fight” tab, battle with other players and win to earn more coins. Don’t forget to feed your bot every eight hours to get more rewards and upgrade your bots to increase their chances of winning.
  6. Complete Quests: In the “Rewards” tab, complete the listed quests to earn more points.

PixelTap Airdrop: What You Need to Know

The PixelTap airdrop is confirmed and will be part of Pixelverse’s $PIXFI Token Generation Event, expected to take place this month. The more you win in the “Fight” feature, the higher percentage of token supply you’ll receive.

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