Introduction to Catizen

An Introduction to Catizen and Its Meow Metaverse

Catizen is an outstanding play-to-earn game on Telegram where players are a mayor in charge of a virtual cat city. The game is based on the idea of a mayor in a virtual world where players will have tasks such as constructing buildings, upgrading infrastructure, and managing the cats. Catizen is a game that combines elements of city-building strategy games and blockchain economics. The uniqueness of Catizen lies in the combination of a city-building strategy game with blockchain-based economics which creates a whole new experience for the players.

The game was able experience significant growth due to the innovations in the game, along with general growing interest in Web3 and crypto games. There are currently 1 billion monthly users interacting with Telegram bots/mini-apps and Catizen as a Web3 project stands to benefit from this sizable audience, on the basis of a lot of potential for user acquisition on telegram as well as secure, decentralized transactions with Cryptocurrencies. The game’s popularity has also been fueled by the success of other Telegram games, such as TapSwap, Notcoin and Hamster Kombat.

How Does Catizen Game Work?

Catizen operates on a play-to-earn model, where players earn Catizen coins by developing their city and completing tasks. Participate in daily tasks and missions to earn significant rewards and personalize your city with various buildings, decorations, and upgrades. You can grow your city and enhance its economic output by investing in infrastructure, attractions, and cat citizens.

You can choose from a diverse array of adorable cat characters, each possessing unique traits. Engage in strategic gameplay by balancing resources and investments to optimize city growth. Catizen also allows you to collaborate with or compete against other players globally in multiplayer mode, thereby enhancing the game’s social and competitive aspects.

Why Is Catizen Popular?

Catizen stands out for its play-to-earn model, which enables players to convert in-game coins into real cryptocurrency tokens through airdrops on The Open Network (TON). This model has attracted a multitude of players seeking to monetize their gaming experience. Additionally, Catizen’s strategic gameplay, daily bonuses, and collaborative multiplayer mode keep the game engaging and competitive. The game’s popularity has also received a boost from other popular Telegram games, which have successfully engaged millions of players globally.

Catizen has secured the top rank in The Open League Application Rankings, further highlighting its success and popularity within the TON ecosystem. This recognition is supported by its strategic partnership with Notcoin, where Catizen supports $NOT payments and burns a significant portion of its revenue to aid in token deflation. The close integration of Telegram and the TON ecosystem has contributed to Catizen’s rapid user base growth and high revenue generation.

How to Play Catizen Telegram Game

Getting started with Catizen is a straightforward and quick process. However, before diving into the gameplay, ensure you complete the following steps:

  • Create a Telegram Account: Download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play Store and set up your account if you don’t already have one.
  • Access the Catizen Bot: Use the provided link or search for “Catizen” in Telegram. Click the “Start” button to begin.
  • Complete Registration: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process and set up your profile.

How to Convert and Withdraw Catizen Coins

The in-game coins you earn can be converted into Catizen tokens during the airdrop. Here’s how to do it:

Withdraw Tokens: Use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper to manage and withdraw your Catizen tokens. You may need some TON coins to cover the gas fees, which are usually minimal.

Convert Coins to Tokens: Follow the game’s instructions to complete this process. Ensure your wallet is prepared to receive the tokens by ensuring it’s properly linked and verified.

Selling Tokens: Once the Catizen tokens are listed on exchanges, you can sell them directly. Ensure you are prepared and know the process beforehand to take advantage of potential price pumps immediately after listing.

Link Your TON Wallet: Ensure your cryptocurrency wallet is linked to your Catizen account. You can use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper or the @Wallet integrated within Telegram.

By linking your wallet and following these steps, you can effectively convert your in-game earnings into real cryptocurrency tokens, ready for trading or further investment. Stay updated with the game’s announcements to know the exact timing and process for the airdrop and token listing.

How to Participate in Catizen Airdrop

Catizen recently announced a $CATI airdrop on The Open Network (TON); however, the dates have not yet been confirmed. Players who accumulate in-game coins will receive real, tradable cryptocurrency tokens during the airdrop. This event is designed to reward active players and encourage more participation in the game.

The Catizen airdrop is a reward system that distributes free Catizen tokens to players who engage in the game’s activities. This initiative aims to attract more players and reward them for their participation and loyalty. The airdrop provides an opportunity to convert in-game achievements into real-world value.

Players can accumulate in-game coins to convert them into Catizen tokens during the upcoming airdrop. By participating, you have the chance to:

Convert In-Game Coins to Real Cryptocurrency: Accumulate coins in the game and convert them into real, tradable tokens during the airdrop.

Level Up Your Game: Use the rewards to further upgrade your city and improve your standing in the game.

How to Participate in Catizen Play-for-Airdrop Campaign

Catizen’s Play for Airdrop campaign went live in Q2 2024; however, the exact dates for claiming the airdrop have not been announced at the time of writing. Here’s how to participate in Catizen airdrop:

Play the Game: Start by creating a Telegram account and accessing the Catizen bot. Engage in gameplay by building and upgrading your city.

Earn In-Game Coins: Actively participate in daily tasks, missions, and the referral program to maximize your coin earnings.

Accumulate Coins: The more coins you collect, the more tokens you are likely to receive during the airdrop. Coins can be earned through active gameplay and by using boosts to enhance your earnings.

Link Your TON Wallet: Set up and connect your TON wallet, e.g., Tonkeeper, to the Catizen game on Telegram. To link your TON wallet, open the Catizen bot, navigate to the airdrop tab, and follow the instructions to connect your wallet.

Join the Catizen Telegram Community: Stay updated on new tasks and announcements from the game’s developers by joining the Catizen Telegram channel.

Catizen added the Spin feature as a key part of the Play-for-Airdrop mechanism in June 2024. By participating in the game and completing tasks, you can earn spins, which you can use to win various rewards such as Fish tokens and xZEN points. These points and tokens contribute to your overall progress in the game and increase your chances of earning more in the upcoming airdrop.

xZEN Points: xZEN points are a type of in-game currency earned through participating in the Spin feature and other activities within the game. These points can be used to purchase items, boosts, and other in-game benefits, contributing to your overall progress in Catizen.

Diamonds: Diamonds are another form of in-game currency in Catizen. They can be earned through special tasks, events, and possibly the Spin feature. Diamonds can be used for premium purchases and significant upgrades within the game, giving players an edge in their progress.

Future Outlook for Catizen

Catizen has quickly gained popularity due to its engaging gameplay and the promise of real cryptocurrency rewards through tokenomics and future airdrops. The game’s integration with The Open Network (TON) enhances transaction security and transparency, crucial for sustaining player trust and the game’s future growth. The developers plan to introduce more features and updates, including potential expansions into NFT and Metaverse sectors of the crypto market, which could significantly increase the game’s value and attractiveness.

However, as with any cryptocurrency-related activities, there are risks involved, including market volatility and potential security vulnerabilities. Players should stay informed and exercise caution when participating.

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