7 Telegram Airdrops:

7 Telegram Airdrops: Get Ready for the Next Big Thing

The world of Telegram airdrops has taken the crypto community by storm, with millions of users joining the craze. Hamster Kombat, Notcoin, and Yescoin have been the most popular ones, and now it’s time to explore the latest updates on the listing dates for these exciting projects.

The Waiting Game: Airdrop Distribution Timelines

The timing of airdrop distributions depends on the strategic decisions of each project. Tokens might be distributed before, during, or after their listing. Sometimes, centralized exchanges might allow users to stake their tokens before the listing, while others might lock and release them gradually or all at once at a later date.

Hamster Kombat (HMSTR): Get Ready for Mid-July Listing

Hamster Kombat, a popular Telegram mini-app, is expected to list its HMSTR token in mid-July, although this date might change. Trading for HMSTR on KuCoin will begin on June 17, and it’s already available on Gate.io with a current price fluctuating between 0.14 and 0.26. More

YesCoin: Stay Tuned for the Airdrop Announcement

YesCoin, another engaging Telegram game, has not announced a confirmed airdrop date. However, the team is expected to make an announcement through their official channels a few days in advance, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on these updates. More

TapSwap: Countdown to Listing Begins

TapSwap, a clicker bot similar to Notcoin, has recently switched to supporting TON wallets. Although there is no confirmed listing date, speculation is high due to a countdown on Binance’s website related to a $600 bonus for TapSwap users who register on Binance. Many believe the token will be listed shortly after this countdown ends in mid-July. More

Blum: Hybrid Exchange with a Twist

Blum, a hybrid exchange supported by Binance Labs, allows both on-chain and off-chain transactions without additional fees. Like the other projects, Blum has not announced a specific date for its airdrop, but updates will likely be provided through Binance Labs and Blum’s social media channels. More

Catizen: Challenging Gameplay for Fair Airdrop Distribution

Catizen, another engaging Telegram mini-app, ensures a fair distribution of the airdrop through its challenging gameplay. Although no specific date has been announced, Catizen tokens will be available on the TON blockchain. Staying updated through the project’s official channels is advised.

PixelVerse: Adventurous Gaming Experience

PixelVerse, a new Web3 game on Telegram, offers players an adventurous gaming experience. The token will also be on the TON blockchain. Given the project’s recent launch, it might take a few months before the airdrop is available, providing players ample time to increase their scores.

HotWallet: Mine HOT Tokens via Telegram

HotWallet, part of the Near Protocol blockchain, allows users to mine HOT tokens via Telegram. These tokens can be used for free transactions on the Near network. Currently, there is no announcement about the listing of HOT tokens, but they are already usable for transactions.

Final Thoughts: Stay Safe and Informed

To avoid scams, always follow the official social media channels of these projects for the latest and accurate information. Be cautious of unofficial channels and fake news. Some projects might remain unlisted, so it’s wise to manage your time and resources accordingly when engaging with these games. Stay ahead of the curve and get ready for the next big thing in Telegram airdrops!

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